Transylvania in May 09. - 13.

On Draculas track...

Transylvania - which is beautifully located at the outskirts of the Carpatian mountains - is still shrouded by mystery and that's where we are going with a maximum of 12 fellow travelers in Mai of 2018. Meeting point is Eisenach Kindel at the AVIEUR facility, where we can stock up on supplies and charts from SkyFox Pilot Shop before departing on the group flight via Austria and Hungary directly to Satu Mare, where customs will be cleared. Then we continue on to Kronstadt, which will serve as our base of operations for the following few days. A diverse mix of tours circling Transylvania, Banat and the Walachei will originate from there. The highlight of the tour will be a visit to Dracula's Castle, just a short distance from Kronstadt, where we will depart on May 13 for the trip back home. We promise amazing impressions on this tour and we have worked hard to plan super event.

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